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Sweet, sweet memories

Psalm 77:11-12 – “I will remember the works of the LORD: surely I will remember thy wonders of old. I will meditate also of all thy work, and talk of thy doings.”

As I sit here this morning, I’m remembering the excitement and nervousness and joy that this day brought me 22 years ago. It was the night of my wedding rehearsal. We had so much fun. We laughed. And we laughed. And then, we laughed some more. 

And then the next day, the big day, was full of love and celebrating and nervous jitters and yes, more laughter. I can see it all in my head. I can hear my Southern accent. I can see the big hair. I remember the look in my Daddy’s eyes as he walked up the stairs to bring me to my future husband. I remember the one candle that did not light at the altar. I remember people yelling at me to watch out for fire ants while I tied balloons along the sidewalk leading up to that old farmhouse where we had our reception. I remember the magnolia trees bloomed that morning. 

But more than all the memories of those two days 22 years ago, I remember how we got there – God. I remember that it was Him that brought my husband and I together. I remember that it was Him that grew the love that continues to grow in us. I remember praying to find my husband while I was still in high school. 

I have so many precious memories. But none of them would be possible without Jesus in my life. I KNOW that it was Him that brought my husband to me. I KNOW it was Him that showed me what it means to have a good marriage by giving me the parents He gave me. I KNOW it is Him that keeps us together to this day. 

So when I look back and remember, I don’t want to neglect His fingerprints all over my life. And I want to make sure that I give Hin the honor and glory He deserves for His work in my life. Thank you God, for all that You have done in my life. And thank you for all that You will do in my life because I KNOW You’re not done with me yet. 


My Treasure Box

Luke 2:19 – “But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.”

A woman’s heart can be a very deep place. (Sorry guys, this one is for us girls. But please, read on.)

I believe that God gave woman the uncanny ability to store a massive amount of memories in her heart. I believe that we are able to recall those memories at the weirdest times. And those memories have the ability to make us ball our eyes out! That was me last night.

Today is my son’s 14th birthday. It is hard for me to comprehend that I  have a 14 year old. But that is not what was making me cry last night. It was 14 years ago at this time that I saw my daddy for the last time. So it’s a bittersweet time.

But as I was driving home last night, those treasured memories in that deep box were opened and the tears were not far behind. I remembered the night my son was born. I remembered my dad being the first one to rock him. I remember when my dad was holding him and my son lifted his head to turn it and look at my dad. I thought my dad was going to come unglued! I remember him saying to my mom, “Did you get that on video?! He’s not even an hour old and he lifted his head! This baby is amazing!” He was so proud.

My treasured memories stored up for times such as these.

Mary had her own set of stored memories that I’m sure she took out and cried over many, many times. Memeories of that innkeeper offering them the stable when she felt like she was going to die. Memories of the first time she held her Savior in her arms. Memories of His very first visitors – the shepherds. Memories of the wise men coming to visit her toddling little Savior. Memories of butterfly kisses that Jesus gave her. So many precious memories that mom’s have but these are so much more precious because they were with her Savior.

So, ladies, appreciate that deep memory box. Open it up from time to time and let those memories wash over you. God gave you the precious gift of storing those memories for a reason. Our children won’t be little forever. Treasure them.

Love that smell!

Psalm 139:13,14 – “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” (NIV)

As I mentioned the other day, my hubby and I were away this weekend, without children. It was so nice to have an extended date night, actually it was a date weekend.

Anyways, as we were wandering around the streets of Charleston, we came upon this little antique store. When we went in, we discovered a cool little place full of unique treasures – old silverware from various places, trinkets of all shapes and sizes and candles. My husband found this one candle that he loved. It was made at a local place that creates candles in old wine bottles. This one was green. He had to have the candle.

Last night before bed, I smelled that candle. That smell will always remind me of our time in Charleston.

Isn’t it amazing how when God created us that he linked our sense of smell with the place in our brain responsible for memory? Do you link those things together? I know the smell of sawdust reminds me of my Dad. The smell of cookies reminds me of home. The smell of pine reminds me of Christmas.

I know this isn’t something deeply spiritual, but it has a purpose. God loved us enough when He was creating us to give us the opportunity to create memories and then to recall them. Sometimes those memories are for good and sometimes they are a warning to stay away. Either way, God was thinking about each and every detail of our existence when He made us. He knew what we would need to get through this life. We think that we have all the answers. But who else but God would ever have linked smell with memories?

So today, princess, realize and appreciate the details of your creation – like the different lengths of your toes or the natural color of your hair. God has a purpose for each and every detail of your life. Go ahead – live it out!


Proverbs 23:22a – “Listen to your father, who gave you life …”

(The rest of the verse is about your mother and when she is old, none of us want to go there 😉)

My dad. My dad was 50 years old when he went to be with The Lord. That was 11 years ago. I can keep up with that because my son was 3 months old when he died. I still remember him holding my son. He was the first one to rock him. A privilege I’m glad he got.

My children have never received a hug from their grandpa. They have never heard him sound like Donald Duck. They have never watched him clear his throat and push up his glasses whenever he had something of significance to tell you.

But I have those memories. And I share them as often as possible with my children. I tell my son that he is so much like his grandpa that he hurts! And it is true.

My dad was not perfect. He made mistakes. He made poor health choices. But he was a man that followed The Lord. He loved Him and sought to serve Him as best he could. That was my daddy. He would tell you about what The Lord had done for him. He would remind my brother and I about the Scripture and what it had to say on a matter.

I know that Father’s Day was yesterday, but you know me – a day late and a dollar short! If you have been blessed with a God-fearing father, listen to him. He wants only what is best for you. If your dad has not yet found The Lord, show him the Way. It will be the greatest thing you could ever do for your dad.

And remember our Heavenly Father. Listen to Him. For he is the One who gave you your father. This man you call daddy here on earth was specifically chosen for you in Heaven.