Part of my fairy tale

Song of Solomon 3:4 – “It was but a little that I passed from them, but I found him whom my loveth: I held him, and would not let him go…”

Once upon a time, there was a teenage girl praying. She had been praying for quite some time for one she would marry. As time passed, a young man came into her life. He came because of The Lord.
She was introduced to him and immediately felt something different for him. He wasn’t like the other boys she had met. She could feel deep within her that this one was special somehow.
They began to date. It was a fun time. It was a happy time. And from the first time that he kissed her, she knew that he was “the one”.
The next year, he asked her to marry him. It was the easiest decision of her life. But yet, the hardest one as well. For you see, she would have to leave everything she knew to start a life with him. He lived in a distant land.
The day soon approached for her to say her vows. Her vows that would bind her to this man for all eternity. And she did so without one reservation in her heart.
And God blessed them. They have a love that is true and based upon the principles of God. They try their very hardest to keep Him in the center of their lives. They want to serve Him. He has brought them here, there and yonder and has made their lives amazing every step of the way.

Yesterday, I celebrated my 19th wedding anniversary. 364 days until I have been married half of my life. Wow! Yesterday was filled with crazy parties for the kids, tests that my son had to study for, weariness from all of it and fried chicken loving offered so that I didn’t have to cook.

Believe it or not, the fried chicken made me remember how truly blessed I am. Because as we sat at the table as a family and laughed and joked and just talked, it showed me that God has brought us through so much. He has blessed me in a way that I never dreamed possible. I have a husband that loves me despite my flaws. I have children who are healthy and happy even when they are in trouble. I live in a land where we are safe and free to be who God is making us to be. All of it. All the things that I could never name that I am so very grateful for.

So as I began my countdown to the big 2-0, I want to remember each and every day how much I am blessed. Not only for all the “stuff” around me and my children, but for my beloved. You see, God made him just for me. And for that, I could never thank Him enough.