Quickly passing

Revelation 22:12 – “And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.”

Can you believe that it is already April 8?! School will be done for the year sometime in the next 6 to 8 weeks. That is just crazy! Didn’t we just start? Weren’t we just making New Year’s resolutions? 

However you feel about the passing of time, it continues on whether you like it or not. The kids are getting older and taller every day. The wrinkles on my face are showing up. Gray hairs are starting to poke through. Ugh! Yet, despite my physical calamities, God has been good to me – He’s always good even when things are tough. 

But I digress in praise….

I was searching for something to write about today and came to this realization – it is the end of the entire Bible, or at least very, very close to the end, and God expressed this very important detail – “quickly”. 

Here is its’ definition, just in case we need clarity – “QUICK’LY, adverb Speedily; with haste or celerity. 2. Soon; without delay.” I can hear it now – “Duh!!” 

Yes, I know. But I wanted you to see the definition and insert “speedily” or “soon” or “without delay” when you re-read the verse above. 

John used this word (that God inspired him to use) three times in Revelation 22. He used “quickly” to describe Jesus’ return in verses 7,12 and 20. Three has always been a significant number in the Bible. Do you think it’s importance is any less diminished here? I think not. The Holy Spirit is getting His point across here. Jesus’ return is FAST approaching. 

I know people have been saying that since (to quote my dad) “Hector was a pup and now he’s an old dog!” (Sorry, a Southerism I couldn’t resist.)   It means they have been saying that for a really long time. But, it’s true! Look at the world around you. Take in what society thinks and feels and then look at the Bible. Search out prophecy about how things will look at the end and we are there. Political powers my not be completely in line just yet, but they are getting there. But the overall attitude and the falling away, it has begun. 

It’s bittersweet, really. We all eagerly anticipate this “quickly” but at the same time our hearts ache for those who are, as the writers of the Bible would say, “stiff necked”. We all know of people who just refuse over and over again. They choose not to accept Jesus for who He is. 

But that doesn’t mean we quit trying. That doesn’t mean we give up and wait in our houses for the trumpet to sound. No, that means we keep on going. Jesus didn’t sit down and keep to Himself when He knew His time was drawing near to be hung on be cross. He kept on going. He kept sharing, kept teaching, kept doing everything He could to draw others to Him. And we need to be about the same business – drawing people to Him, showing them His love and guiding them to the understanding of His Gospel. 

So today, despite how fast the calendar is flying, be about the business of sharing. Time is “quickly” passing. The trumpet will be sounding before you can bat an eye. 


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