My Treasure Box

Luke 2:19 – “But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.”

A woman’s heart can be a very deep place. (Sorry guys, this one is for us girls. But please, read on.)

I believe that God gave woman the uncanny ability to store a massive amount of memories in her heart. I believe that we are able to recall those memories at the weirdest times. And those memories have the ability to make us ball our eyes out! That was me last night.

Today is my son’s 14th birthday. It is hard for me to comprehend that I  have a 14 year old. But that is not what was making me cry last night. It was 14 years ago at this time that I saw my daddy for the last time. So it’s a bittersweet time.

But as I was driving home last night, those treasured memories in that deep box were opened and the tears were not far behind. I remembered the night my son was born. I remembered my dad being the first one to rock him. I remember when my dad was holding him and my son lifted his head to turn it and look at my dad. I thought my dad was going to come unglued! I remember him saying to my mom, “Did you get that on video?! He’s not even an hour old and he lifted his head! This baby is amazing!” He was so proud.

My treasured memories stored up for times such as these.

Mary had her own set of stored memories that I’m sure she took out and cried over many, many times. Memeories of that innkeeper offering them the stable when she felt like she was going to die. Memories of the first time she held her Savior in her arms. Memories of His very first visitors – the shepherds. Memories of the wise men coming to visit her toddling little Savior. Memories of butterfly kisses that Jesus gave her. So many precious memories that mom’s have but these are so much more precious because they were with her Savior.

So, ladies, appreciate that deep memory box. Open it up from time to time and let those memories wash over you. God gave you the precious gift of storing those memories for a reason. Our children won’t be little forever. Treasure them.


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