Hebrews 3:14,15 – “For we are made partakers of Christ, if we hold the beginning of our confidence stedfast unto the end; While it is said, To day if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts, as in the provocation.”

Conviction. Webster’s 1828 defines conviction like this – “the act of compelling one to acknowledge…the truth of what is alledged.” (Note: Most of the definitions I found related to conviction of sin, especially when related to legal matters. However, this definition is plasible with relation to the subject matter.)

Conviction in one’s life is sometimes a hard thing to come by. I don’t live my life with the passion that I should. If I did, I would be telling every person I come into contact with about Jesus…but I don’t. I live my life with more fear than I do courage and passion. And that is so sad. Last night at church, we were reminded that we serve the same God who called Gideon out from his hiding place and labeled him a “mighty man of valor”. This fellow, hiding from the enemy, was considered by God to be someone of standing and courage. God sees us the same way. Gideon was no super man who was going out there spouting off Godly wisdom and making a name for himself. He was just this guy who wanted to have some wheat for him and his family without someone taking it away from him. He was scared; he was timid; and he questioned God’s instructions. Sounds a lot like me. 

But Gideon was able to turn things around by trusting in God. Actually, Gideon didn’t turn things around, God turned Gideon’s life around once Gideon decided to let go and let God. God developed a passion in Gideon. God developed courage in Gideon’s life. God developed leadership in Gideon. You see, God would not have done all of this in Gideon’s life had Gideon not surrendered. 

I want more passion in my life for Christ. I want more conviction in my life. I want to be so closely associated with Jesus that I would be convicted of being a Christian with only one accuser. 

I know that this sort of thing takes time. I need to be diligent in praying for this level of conviction. If I don’t pray for it, how am I going to express my true desires to God? I know that He knows my heart, but He also wants to hear it from my lips. 

So this week, think about it. Do you have the level of conviction in your life that you truly desire? Or are you like me and find yourself lacking? Have you hardened your heart and convinced yourself that things are “good enough” or do you want more? The day that Gideon got up and decided that he was going to go thresh his wheat behind the wine press, I’m sure he never dreamed that an angel of God would be calling him a “mighty man of valor” before the end of the day. God can take anything and make it into something amazing. We just have to decide that we are going to let Him do His thing. 


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