Note: This verse that I have chosen for today is first and foremost about salvation. There is no way that we can do anything to earn our salvation. Salvation is truly impossible for a person to accomplish. Jesus, however, graciously provided THE way for us to accept His salvation freely. But in addition to this very important meaning, one can also apply a more general scope. 

Mark 10:27 – “And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.”

Yesterday, as I was spending some of my time driving, I heard this on the radio – “Impossible is really ‘I’m possible'”. I love that! So many times we hear “impossible”. We think that there is no way that we could do something. We allow Satan to convince us that we are not good enough. But God does not see it that way. He sees it as possible. Where others see a deficit, He sees an opportunity. 

Impossible is not a word in our Savior’s vocabulary. He laughs at impossible. Think about it, He created all that we see from nothing. If that isn’t overcoming impossible, I don’t know what is!

So why do we let impossible into our life? Why do we give it any authority at all? 

Pride. Pride that we can do it ourself. We think that by our own power and wisdom and ability that we can accomplish anything. We want to be able to tell others that we did this or that or that we got to go here or there. Pride is an ugly beast that creeps into our life seemingly uninvited and takes up residency in our heart and is very difficult to get to leave. It usually leaves only after it has been knocked off its pedestal. And sometimes that’s exactly what it takes. You have to be knocked in the mud before you realize that maybe, just maybe you need some help with this thing called life. 

But when we approach things in the light of God’s love, we realize right off the bat that there is no way that we can do anything at all without the help of God. We know that He makes all things possible. He reminds us that us+Him=possible. You see how closely together that I wrote that equation. I did that for a reason. There cannot be any room for pride when you choose to live this equation. Keeping pride out reminds us that the only thing between us and possible is God holding it all together. 

So today as you face your many challenges and problems, let me encourage you to choose possible. Choose to live out that equation and stay so close to God that pride has no room to worm its way into things. 


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