Psalm 18:28 – “For thou wilt light my candle: the LORD my God will enlighten my darkness.”

Lightbulb are some pretty amazing things. I can’t imagine my life without them. Oh, I could survive, but if I don’t have to, I don’t want to. 

Let’s think about a lightbulb for just a few moments and how it is like our life as a follower of Christ. 

  1. A lightbulb will not work unless it’s plugged in. A follower of Christ is ineffective and inefficient if not plugged into the ultimate Light. We have to daily make the choice to be plugged into God’s Word and choose to let Him light our path. I can’t work and be an effective part of His kingdom if I don’t take the time to plug into Him. 
  2. When a lightbulb is on, you can’t hide its light. It spreads out all over the place. You can contain it somewhat, but you cannot fully shut it out. We need to have the same concept applied to our heart. When we are living for the Lord, no one should be able to turn off that Light. If it does get turned off, it’s because we let our guard down and let Satan get in there and mess things up. When we are daily walking with Him, His light should be blatantly obvious to everyone around us. 
  3. A lightbulb is really no good unless it is on – that’s the only time it is useful. Before we accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior, we really had no true purpose. Our life was being lived but with no real meaning. There are millions of people walking around today with no real meaning in their life. Christ gives us meaning.  Christ gives us purpose. Just like a lightbulb in a package is useless without electricity, our life is of no real use without Christ. But praise the Lord He is the “God of second chances”. He can give purpose and meaning to anyone who asks it of Him. 
  4. When a lightbulb is burning bright, it gets hot. It gives off heat. When we are following after Christ, we will be “on fire”. The Light of His love burns within us so that the people not only see His love but feel it as well. 
  5. For a lightbulb to be useful, someone has to flip the switch and provide electricity. In our life, we have to have the same thing. We need to have that current running through us. And where do we get it from? The Word of God. He flips the switch when we open the Book. His Word will light our lamp and set our feet to moving. His Word will shine in us and make the darkness flee. But just light a lightbulb will not glow without electricity, we cannot glow without the Word shining through us. 

So you see, in a lot of ways, followers of Christ are a lot like a lightbulb. We are dull and useless without God’s electrifying Word.  It when we plug into Him, look out! We will burn brighter and brighter because of Him. I want to encourage you today to plug into Him. Let your light shine because of Him. Let Him make your bulb be the brightest it can be today. 


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