1 Thessalonians 5:17 – “Pray without ceasing.”

I was in the store the other day and saw this cute little plaque. 

We usually think of ASAP meaning “as soon as possible”.  But when I saw this rendition of it, I thought it much more fitting. 

Too often we are caught up in the “as soon as possible” meaning. We are so focused on what needs to be done and how quickly can we get it done that we forget the other side of the coin. We have deadlines to meet and appointments to keep and lists that need to be accomplished. And those things are all well and good, in their own time. 

But how much different would our day be if we “always stop and pray”? How often do we hush the Holy Spirit when we hear that “still, small Voice” speaking to our heart? I know there have been times in my life when I have heard that Voice speaking to my heart to warn me not to do something and I do it any way and then I am faced with the guilt of sin and the rememberance that I had been warned. And then there are times when He speaks to my heart and reminds me of someone that needs my prayers right now. And I stop and pray for them and He won’t let it go. The feeling of the need for prayer stays with me. So I keep praying. And then not too long afterwards, I get a text from that very person telling me the outcome of my prayers. I love that. I love that God is so involved in our lives and that He intertwines them with just the right people. I love that He brings us through trials with the prayers of others. But how much different would those trials be if we hushed the Holy Spirit and neglected to “always stop and pray”?

So today, when you hear that Voice speaking to your heart, don’t hush Him up. Listen. There may be someone standing in the need of prayer and you need to “always stop and pray”. ASAP is more than an acronym for time. It is an acronym for life – a life of prayer that draws us closer to God and closer to one another. 


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