Psalm 37:23,24 – “The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way. Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the LORD upholdeth him with his hand.”

We have seven young people graduating from high school at our church this year! Seven! That’s crazy for such a small congregation such as we have. 

Last night was youth night. It is the night where the youth take charge of leading the worship service. Sometimes we have one of our young men give the devotion or pastor plays a game with the youth and the the rest of us. But last night, pastor gave the sermon. 

As followers of Christ, we all want to have our steps directed by Him. It is our desire to follow after Him and do the best we can. Have you ever seen the Disney movie “Up”? I love that movie. There is a dog that has a voice transponder that interprets his thoughts as words. Too cute. Anyway, he will be walking along and see a squirrel and then he is off following that squirrel. For me, this kinda sounds like my life sometimes. I’m going along, doing what I’m supposed to do and then – squirrel! I’m off the path, messing around in something that I shouldn’t be in. 

You see, when we are following Christ the way He is going, the path is straight. You don’t go backwards. You only go forwards. Now, that doesn’t mean that the path won’t be bumpy and hilly and hard to travel at times. But as long as you are following Him, you will always be safe. It is when you go chasing squirrels that gets you in trouble. 

But keep in mind that you may fall. All children fall. However, just because you fall, doesn’t mean that Jesus is going to keep on going without you. No, He will stop all that He is doing and come pick you up. You are His most important thing. He loves you so much. 

We were asked last night to come and share our experiences with the young people. One thing that most of  the stories had in common was we all failed. We shared that there has been some point in our life where we have not been successful. Failure is something we all face. But failure is something that we cannot let get us down and keep us down. Failure should be looked at as an opportunity to grow. And sometimes that is hard. We will have tough times in our life. Tough choices. Tough things to deal with. But we cannot let the devil use this as his playground. We have to keep our head up and call out for our Savior. 

So I want to encourage you this week to remember what you have been through, how you got through it and where it is taking you now. Life is about success and failures. It is how you deal with each of them that defines who you are. 


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