Being salty

Matthew 5:13 – “Ye are the salt of the earthbut if the salt have lost his savourwherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothingbut to be cast outand to be trodden under foot of men. “

I have another Sunday school story for you today. Our lesson yesterday so centered around this verse. We were talking about the uses of salt and its correlation to our life. 

Since salt is condiment , of sorts, I asked my students what condiment would best describe them. The answers I got made me laugh so hard. One boy, the clown, said he was ketchup – every loves ketchup. One girl, the quiet one, said hot sauce – she said she drove every one crazy but they keep coming back for more. Another girl said honey mustard – a little bit sweet and a little bit sour. My helper said ranch – a little bit country and a lot of comfort. I identified myself as hot sauce mixed with ranch dressing (love that combo, by the way). It was a fun activity. I never would have guessed the condiments these kids came up with for themselves. 

Salt is used to do many things. It is used to flavor and to preserve food. It can also be used to destroy grass. But when salt is no longer salty, when it is contaminated, it is of no use at all. It cannot perform any of its intended uses. It is good for nothing more than to walk upon. 

Why do you think that Jesus encouraged us to be salt? I think that we are supposed to fulfill the purposes of salt in our life. We are supposed to flavor the world around us. We need to bring zest to those we come in contact with. When they see our zest, it is to create a thirst in them that desires our Lord. Our life should be such that we preserve the things of God. We are not to be tearing down the promises of God but rather keeping them and sharing them with others. And when we see that things are not lining up with the Truth, we need to effectively get rid of it. We do not need to let the grass grow in our garden where grass is not supposed to be. 

Life is too short not to be salty. I love my Sunday school class. They have been such a blessing to me. Teaching them has reminded me of so many spiritual truths that I have always known but tend to forget more often than not. And this is just one more lesson to remember. So today, princess, when you go out of your door to face the world, be salty. Add some zest, keep it real and never let it slip through your hands. 


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