Oh no! She’s up!

Romans 12:2 – “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”

It’s a new day. Yesterday’s mistakes and failures are a distant memory. You have a fresh slate. Nothing is written on it. Today is your opportunity to do something amazing.

Isn’t that nice and encouraging? Don’t you feel like going out and conquering the world now?

And then you look up and see dirty clothes left all over the floor from last night’s fiasco and everyone forgot to put their ice packs for their lunch boxes in the freezer and you just used the last towel, so that means you need to do laundry and you feel like you have gained 10 pounds from that yummy hamburger you had last night. Welcome to real life.

But don’t despair, there is hope. You see, you can transform all these yucky things into something good. The clothes on the floor – you are able to provide fun for the kids and they have clothes to wear to that fun. The ice packs – some kids won’t even have a lunch today, let alone one that is the right temperature. The towels – praise God for a washing machine! The hamburger – it was time well spent with family. Perspective. It’s all about perspective.

When you open your eyes in the morning, you have a choice to make – you can either jump out of bed and go about you day OR you can take a moment and enter the throne room to talk to your Savior for minute. You know that all the craziness is waiting for you when you finally peel yourself out of all those warm covers. You know there will be problems to be solved, hurts to heal and victories to celebrate. But you also know that there are people in your life that need you to talk to God about them. They need you to intervene for them. Talking to Jesus before you get out of bed helps to foster an all day dialogue with Him. I find it’s true in my life. If I just get out of bed and go, I am more likely to neglect Him all day. If I choose to talk to Him before I get up, I tend to talk to Him more all day long.

And that makes the devil crazy. The devil wants you to get up in a rush and then get frustrated when you hit the kitchen and see the disaster awaiting you. He wants you to forget about Jesus and His offer to walk with you through life.

But this verse reminds us to be transformed. And that transformation should happen before our feet hit the ground. When you slap off that alarm in the morning and open your eyes, open your heart as well. Don’t let the world in before you have an opportunity to let Jesus in first to guard the door. And be that kind of woman that when you wake up, the devil says, “Oh no! She’s up!”


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