My little poem

‘Twas the night before the night before Christmas
And all through the house
Everyone was tucked into nice cleaned sheeted beds
without sight of a mouse.
It was so very quiet
The house guests had left
Yet mom could not sleep
Her thoughts would not be silent.
For one thought in particular would not go away –
The peppermint bark had been a horrible display.
She had wanted everything to be perfect and right
But this little challenge was a horrible sight.
The layers had not stuck together at all
Which made the bark crumble and fall.
And while these thoughts danced around in her head
A small voice whispered, “Chill out! Your in bed!”
“There’s nothing you can do
It still tasted fine.
So sleep, dear child, and remember the ‘Why'”
“Remember why you celebrate this season.
It’s not about the bark or candy, dear child.
You must remember the reason.”
Then as she laid there
A thought came to mind
Of a baby in a manger
Who would change eternity for mankind.
A baby who would grow up to be more than a man
But rather a Savior
Who was part of a plan.
A plan that would hang him
On a cruel, cruel tree
But Hope would arise
For you and for me.
Remember, dear princess,
That no matter what happens to the food
God can use it to always work for good.
Despite the flop of the peppermint bark
Good memories were made
With the little girl with a spark.
Remember today to give thanks to the Savior
For He loves to look down on His children with favor.
Merry Christmas


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