Mission fields

Matthew 28:19,20a – “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you…”

What is your mission field? You might be thinking, “I’m not a missionary. I don’t have a mission field.” Oh, but you do. And yes, you are a missionary.

You see this verse? Does it say “those of you who go out and get paid” or “those of you that go to foreign countries to spread The Good News”? Nope. Jesus was speaking with His disciples right before He ascended into Heaven. His disciples were His first New Testament church. They were fishermen, tax collectors and all sorts of non-missionary occupations. Yet, here was Jesus sending them out to tell and teach everything they knew about Him.

Jesus wants us to realize that every one needs to hear the Gospel of Christ. And it shouldn’t just be the missionaries out on the field getting paid to do so who are doing it. We all have been given a mission field. We all have people in our lives who need to hear the Gospel. Your mission field may be your child’s play group moms. Your mission field might be the people that you work along side of every day. Your mission field might be the people that live around you. Your mission field might be the kids you go to school with. Your mission field might be the people at the grocery store or the restaurant or the post office. It doesn’t matter where God has put you. He has put you there for a reason. He put you there to tell someone about Him.

What difference would there be in our daily life if we lived like our surroundings were our mission field? Would we see that person that drives us crazy as someone who needs Jesus? Would we feel a greater sense of urgency in what needs to be done because we know that our time is drawing short? Would we have a better attitude when we go to work if we looked at our work place as a mission field instead of a place to earn a living?

The devil likes to warp our view of things. He doesn’t want us to see our interactions as a mission field. He knows that doing so will drive us to be more expressive about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He knows that by doing so we will make a positive difference in someone’s life. He doesn’t want that. Remember, he wants as many people as possible to turn away from or never accept Jesus as their Savior. He wants Jesus to lose. But we know the end of the story and we know that what God has established cannot be changed – Jesus wins!

So try on something different today, princess. See your work place, your play group, your grocery store visit as a mission field. Don’t let the devil convince you otherwise. Memorize this verse to give you purpose and direction. Jesus wants you out there sharing His Good News of His free gift of salvation. He wants you out there telling and teaching wherever you find yourself today. Be a Light. Be the one to show someone else the Light that changes everything. Be a missionary today.


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