Matthew 28:20b – “and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.”

My daughter is eleven. Preteen years are difficult, confusing and, overall, an emotional roller coaster.

Take yesterday for an example. When I picked her up at school, she had her lip hanging and seemed as though she had the weight of the world on her shoulders. Come to find out, she had dropped her lunch on the cafeteria floor in front of everyone. She was mortified. But her loving principal, seeing the agony she was in, provided lunch for her since hers was on the floor. Then after getting home and getting homework done and dinner eaten, we traveled to dance class. On the way there, she shared with me that she was in a really good mood. And she was. She was perky and laughing and generally the young girl everyone loves. And then I get home from ladies’ meeting at church. Her dad had dropped her off to go get brother at soccer practice. I came in to her on the verge of a meltdown. I asked what was going on and this is what I got – “I’m trying to find a book to read for class. Every time I find one that looks good, it doesn’t have enough pages! I’m so mad and frustrated!” Now, you have to hear this with arms flailing, tears coming and voiced raised. The world was coming to and end. And all I could do was chuckle. I got her calmed down and we found a book and she was able to go to bed singing “Let it go”.

Why am I telling you this?
Do you ever have a day that is straight from the pages of a preteen drama? I sure do. And not necessarily through my daughter. We all have days where we are flying high as a kite only to come crashing to the ground in a matter of seconds. Life is like that sometimes.
But we don’t take this unsteady and crazy path alone. No, we have our Savior. We have Jesus. He promised us here in Matthew that He would be with us even to the end. He is even with us when we think it is the end – when the world is dark, when our work environment stinks, when our children are melting down before our very eyes, even when we pull the curtain off the wall by accident (yes, that did happen yesterday).

And He cares that all of this affects you. He cares that you are disappointed in the way things are going in your life. He cares that you are so excited that you can hardly stand yourself. He cares that you are having a hard time deciding what you should do. He cares about it all – good and not so good. He promised that He would be there through it all, through this roller coaster we call life.

Claim that promise, dear princess. Don’t try to walk it alone. It’s no fun that way. You need someone to laugh with you, to cry with you, to show you that you can find the good if you let Him show you. Jesus is waiting on your invitation. Won’t you walk with Him today?


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