Psalm 86:5 – “For thou, Lord, art good, and ready to forgive; and plenteous in mercy unto all them that call upon thee.”

Last night, we got notification that my daughter had gotten a zero on something she was supposed to do for math. She had all week to do it, but she had failed to do it. I was not happy. Those kind of things fly all over me. So, I asked her to explain herself. She owned the issue. She didn’t make excuses for it. She just said, “Mom, I forgot. I remembered a few times but got busy doing something else and I just forgot. I’m sorry.” And she said all of this with no tears. (This is a MAJOR accomplishment for my emotional pre-teen!)

It took me a bit but I finally forgave her. We talked about it. We came up with a solution to prevent this from happening again. And we discussed what we needed to do to help her get a good grade on her test so that she can begin to bring the grade up.

And then, I complimented her. I told her that she had done a really good job at owning the problem and doing so without tears. I told her she took it like a woman and I was proud of her for that. I wanted to let her know that yes, she messed up but she handled it well. She usually breaks into massive tears and comes up with every excuse in the book. I guess my little girl is growing up.

Anyway, before I start crying all over my computer, I am reminded of God’s forgiveness toward us. We mess up all the time – thinking things we shouldn’t, saying things we shouldn’t, doing things we shouldn’t – you get the picture. And God is ready to forgive – all we have to do is ask for it. All we have to do is admit the problem and say we are sorry. We don’t need to offer excuses. We don’t need to offer suggestions for punishment. We just need to own the problem and then wait for Him to instruct us in a solution and consequence.

We need remember that our sins will find us out. My daughter’s problem would have been easier to handle if she had explained to us beforehand that she had forgotten to do her work. None of us like to admit our sins. None of us want to admit that we are wrong. That is a hard pill to swallow. But in order for forgiveness to be released, we have to admit we are wrong.

I want to encourage you, princess, to examine yourself. See if you have sin in you life that you need to get out into the open before it finds you out. Jesus is waiting with open arms to receive you into His forgiveness. Just run to Him.


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