Shine on, sister!

Matthew 5:16 – “Let your light so shine before men, that they might see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

I had some trouble coming home last night from revival. God was putting on quite a light show and I was driving. There was a storm going on north of us and the lightning was AMAZING! It wasn’t the kind of lightning that looked, from where I was at, to be doing a lot of damage. I’m sure somewhere people were taking cover. But the backside of the storm was quite the show. Every time that the sky lit up, you could see just the outline of the clouds. You could tell that they were some serious looking clouds yet you could hear no thunder. That’s how far away the storm was.

Anyway, the whole scene reminded me that this is how we are supposed to be as followers of Christ. The world is dark. I mean super dark. And we are called to shine our light. By shining our light, we show others Jesus. Just like the lightning showed me the clouds brewing around the storm, we are to show others Jesus by the actions that we live out.

But the whole lightning thing made me think about this as well – our light should not be surprising and short lived. Our light should be a sustaining light. The kind that stays around and lights up everything.
Our light should also be bright. Some of the lightning was not as bright as other strikes. Our light needs to be super bright. Another thing we have noticed this week is the brightness of a green light on a stop light when it is dark. There is this one stop light that is usually red when we approach it. And when it turns green, you are momentarily blinded by the brightness. Our light should be so bright that others have no doubt of who we belong to.

So today, princess, how is your light? Does your light brighten up a dark world? Is it short lived or long lasting? Is the brightness of your light skull piercing or just barely there (like a nightlight when you are trying to sleep)? Jesus said that we need to shine our light before men. This light will show others your good works that you have done for your Savior. And when people see your light, they should glorify the Father, not you. You see, God doesn’t want us to shine our light on ourself, but rather, He wants us to shine our light on Him. Because He is the True Light. And He is the Light from which all others get their light. Shine on, sister!


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