The Armor and the Helmet

“Ephesians 6:17a – “And take the helmet of salvation”

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a helmet? Football? Baseball? Bicycling? A bad hair do? Mine probably goes to football. Just think about a football helmet for a minute. What all is on it? How is it shaped? What does it protect?

No matter what helmet you look at, whether it be for sports or the military or whatever it is for, the purpose is to protect the brain. Our brain is the hub for everything that goes on in the body. It is as equally important as the heart. Without the brain, our body would not know how to function. It tells everything what to do. And sometimes that brain stops working. And then we die. Just as the body cannot survive without the heart pumping life-giving blood throughout our body, our body cannot survive without the brain telling it what to do and when to do it.

So what was God trying to get us to understand here? Paul was using items that people would readily understand in his day. And this explanation reaches through the ages because people today still understand and appreciate armor and all it’s parts. God was explaining through Paul that we must protect the thing that keeps us going – our head, our brain. And how are we to do this?

Put on the helmet of salvation. Why the “helmet of salvation”? Why not something else?

What does salvation do for us?

Salvation is our key. It is the free gift that, when accepted, provides us with unlimited access to the throne room where we can spend time with our Savior.

Salvation is our protection. It not only protects us from the fires of hell, but it has the capability to protect us on a daily basis by guarding our minds.

Remember that I said that your brain and your heart work together to keep your body alive? Your spiritual heart and your spiritual mind also work together to keep your spiritual self alive. See, God speaks to your heart to touch your life in amazing ways. And your heart, in turn, speaks to your mind as to what God would have you to do. Sometimes your mind listens and sometimes it does not. That is where sin comes in. Sin in your life makes the line between your heart and your mind difficult to cross. That is why we need to get it out as soon as we detect it.

So you see, princess, the helmet of salvation is necessary to keep the sin out of our life so that we have a clear line of communication for our heart to speak to our mind. We have to protect our mind with salvation, the helmet of salvation.

My challenge for you today, princess, is this: use your helmet. Allow God to remind you of your salvation. Remember it’s purpose in your life. Allow God to show you where the break in communication may be. And clear it up. Don’t let it pile up. If God is not controlling your mind, then the devil is. And ain’t nobody got time for that!


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