Throwback Thursday

Hebrews 10:23 – “Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.”

Many times, Thursday is considered “Throwback Thursday”. So let me “throwback”.

The other day, I dug out some of my old CDs and put them in my car. I thought the kids would get a kick out of hearing some of the “old songs”. Steven Curtis Chapman was one of those CDs. You remember, The Great Adventure? I remembered those songs with a smile. Have you ever heard the one “That’s Paradise”? It is about two men named Jim. One is an old man who visits his wife at the nursing home and they talk about Heaven and Christ. The other is a man who feels that he has done things so horribly in his life that God could not possibly want him, but comes to salvation as a result of someone sharing Christ with him. The whole point of the song is to remind us that there is joy in Christ whether we are remembering His promises or finding them out for the first time.

Hope and joy. Two things our world is in desperate need of. We, as followers of Christ, should always have hope. Hope that despite what is going on around us and what problems or hard times might come upon us, that we will one day spend ETERNITY with our Savior. Eternity. Not just a few days. Not just several year or even many years. But rather eternity. No end. Sorry, but my brain has a hard time wrapping around that one, seems to be happening a lot lately. But I KNOW this is true. I KNOW that one day that I will see my Jesus, that is hope.

Joy. This isn’t happiness. This is a deep peace that creates a boundary against evil. It is the ability to look at a tough situation and see good. To be able to find the positive in a bunch of yuck. But this is something that you have to work at, something you have to choose to have. Joy is tough. It takes lots of work, mental and spiritual work, that is. Joy is certainly a choice. And when we choose Jesus, joy is a lot easier to choose.

So on this “throwback Thursday”, dig out that old Christian music and remember the joy and hope that is still in them. Remember how you would feel when you listened to them. Where you were at in your walk at that time. How you have grown since then. Just take a moment and see where God has brought you and look ahead – see where He is taking you – home.


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