Answered Prayer

Matthew 7:7 – “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Why are we surprised when God answers our prayers? Why do we not believe the moment we utter the words that it will come to pass?

These last two weeks I have been praying for God to send my son a friend. Oh, he has several boys that he enjoys spending time with, but we all need that special someone to pal around with. So, I prayed. There is really nothing else that a mom can do for her middle school son but pray.

Yesterday, my son comes home to tell me that he has made friends with “the new kid”. I said, “Oh, is it someone new to school this year?” He says, “Yeah, Monday.” Monday was this young man’s first day. I believe God literally brought my son a friend. Oh, I know that there are other reasons that he has come to this school, but I also believe that God answers prayers.

There is power in prayer. And I fear that we, as modern day followers of Christ, take that power for granted some times. We send up requests at an alarming rate, but do we truly believe that the Creator of the universe will answer them? Or do we just put them out there and hope for the best?

It is tough to truly look at the motives in our hearts when we pray. Our attitude and thoughts have to be lined up with God’s will. Most days, we don’t want that. We don’t want to line ourself up with God, but rather we want Him to line up with us. Sorry sister, it doesn’t work that way. He is the Creator. He is God. He is the Beginning and the End. You have to line yourself up with Him.

Today princess, look deep into your heart and check the status of your attitude in regards to Him answering your prayers. Do you ask expecting an answer or are you just throwing request out there and hoping for the best?


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