What’s your answer?

This morning, I was reading in Acts 9 & 10. Four times in these two chapters The Lord calls out to someone and there is a variety of responses.

In 9:5, Jesus calls out to Saul and Saul says, “Who are you, Lord?” In this question, Saul answered himself! Often times, we are going down the road, thinking that we are doing what God would have us to do, and bam! God gets our attention and shows us something we don’t expect – like the attitude of our heart. And then we find ourself fumbling around in the dark, just like Saul, waiting for someone to show us where it all went wrong. It usually takes someone of God to bring us onto the right path.

In 9:10, The Lord calls to Ananias and he says, “Yes, Lord”. Ananias was ready to go. But when God gave him his marching orders, Ananias was like, “Whoa, Lord! Don’t you know who this guy is?” Isn’t it funny how we feel that we need to remind God of things? We are ready to go until He tells us what to do and then the excuses come.

In 10:4, an angel calls to Cornelius and he says, “What is it, Lord?” Now Cornelius, he was a bit different. He was ready to go too but without the questions. The angel gave him no specifics or reasons why he should do what He was asking him to do. He just said do it and he did it. Here is the way we should be responding to God’s call.

And when a voice called out to Peter in 10:9-23, Peter questioned the actions spoken by the angel but was obedient to the directions given. Oh Peter. He was always the firecracker of the group. Watch out when Peter pops! But we are so much like Peter, we hurt. We want to follow but my, oh my, do we reek havoc until we choose obedience.

These four instances taught me a lot in how I respond to God. And I am in all four instances in some way or another. So take heart, princess. God still used all four instances for His honor and glory. And be sure He won’t fail to do the same thing for you!


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