The Lamp

Psalm 18:28 – “You, O LORD, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light.”

Yesterday morning, we were on our way to school. Thanks to daylight savings time, it was still very dark. But it was that time of morning when the sun just begins to come up into the horizon. The time when the sky begins to show color but everything else is still dark. My daughter says, “Look mom. The night is still on the houses and the trees.” My 9 year old was seeing what God sees every day.

In our life, all too often we let the night rest for too long on our heart. We hold grudges, stay mad and get easily frustrated. We don’t want to see the Light that is available to us. We like the dark. We can easily hide in it.

But nothing grows in the dark. Oh, you might have some cooky plant that grows by moonlight but hello! It is moon LIGHT! God is so merciful that He sends us light even in the darkest part of our physical life.

In all of this, you cannot turn on your own light. You can’t make the sun rise. You can’t make the moon shine brighter. And you can’t flick on the switch in your own darkness. I don’t care what anyone will tell you. You must choose to allow God, who created the Light, to turn it on in you. He is the only One with the power.

And it is God who keeps your light going. When you start holding the light and wondering off the path, your light grows dim because only He can make it brighter. It’s like holding an old fashion oil lamp and only the Father can trim it and make it burn brighter.

So today, princess, if your path seems a bit dim, run to the Father and let Him trim your lamp. He wants to make your path as bright as possible.


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