Angel armies

Psalm 91:11 – “For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways”
Have you heard the Chris Tomlin song “Whom shall I fear”? Yesterday in chapel, my daughter and her class sang that song. It was beautiful. They had hand motions that went with it. When they would say, “The God of angel armies”, they would hold up their right hand to heaven and look up. When they would say, “is always by my side”, they would bring their arm back to their side and look down. For some reason, this act of young children demonstrating their understanding of this truth brought me to tears. If you know me, this won’t surprise you – it doesn’t take much!
Just think about it for a minute. The God who commands the angel army of Heaven is willing to walk beside you every day. How awesome is that!
And to see your own child recognize that in her own short lived life is powerful!
So as you go through your day today, princess, remember this – the God of angel armies is willing to walk beside you, if you only invite Him to come along.


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